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Golden rules for good teamwork

  • Try to be punctual, so the other members of the group do not have to repeat what was already said.
  • Always keep the objective of the meeting in mind. Avoid talking about unrelated subjects.
  • Think about yourself as part of the team and not as an individual. Talk to the group, not only to your neighbor. Be clear and short. Keep in mind that you are using the time of all the members.
  • Don't interrupt while another person talks. Listen and try to understand her/him. Do not think about your answer while the other one is still talking, pay attention to what she says. If, what the other person says, is not clear, let her finish what she is saying and then ask for clarification.
  • Contribute to reaching the objective, look for solutions and accept work related to the objective. Keep in mind that nobody has complete knowledge about a subject, that each contributes a greater or lesser share. Try to convince by reasons and examples, instead of emotions. The goal is to reach a conclusion agreed to by all, not to "win".